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A move to connect all friends


We all want to connect with our community friends, relatives, customers etc but find it difficult due to unavailability of proper directory. This app gives you the power to create and manage your own Mobile directory and share with all.


One can sign up and create a directory in 3 easy steps on this portal. All the directory members can install the mobile app from play store and download the Directory using unique directory ID and PIN received on email.


Once directory is created, its updated by its members themselves on mobile. No hassel of saving contacts in phone, find your friends from the vast database and connect.

Road map

Many new features are planned to be introduced to make the app engaging and beneficial to members.


Learn more about this feature packed App Connecting everyone

Contacts 24x7

Connect thousands of directory members easily.


Easily interact using your preferred method

Update Profile

Keep your directory info updates yourself


Get updates on events and celebrations


View directory members by grouping them in different manners


Find members in different Cities.

Get Support

Need support from an Organization or on a particular field? Checkout if you have any member in this area.

Web Interface

For those who don't have android phones can still access Directories on this web portal.

Multiple Directories

Download only the directories which you want. Get multiple directories in one app.


Many exciting features on anvil....


See what’s included in the App

Full Member Details

Member list

Group SMS

Easy download

Grouped list

Viewing Options

Profile update

Create your own Directory

You can also create user own directory easily in 5 minutes only. Members of your directory can be install the "Alumni-Connect" mobile app from play store and download required directory to connect with each other.

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It's totally free for Schools and Institutions.

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It's totally free for Schools and Institutions.

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